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Kinda & Sorta: The Indecisive Twins

  by Jean Foster Akin From the mouth of a parenting expert being interviewed on a national television program: “Babies are sort of helpless, so new parents need to be vigilant in anticipating and supplying their children’s needs.” Really? Babies … Continue reading

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But Then, She Isn’t a Writer…

I left a still relatively green Virginia last week to spend a few days where I was born, in cold, white, Upstate New York. I  visited with some friends and family, but could not completely put my writing on hold. I never … Continue reading

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Trusting the Muses to Arrive On Time

Well, it has been a whirlwind the last few months! My family and I are soon leaving New York State and heading to the South. All the work preparing a house for the market has left me scant time for … Continue reading

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