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1 Surefire Way to “Come Up” with Interesting Characters, Scenes, Dialogue…and It’s Right Under Your Nose

by Jean Foster Akin I’m desperate to find that perfect phrase to be uttered by an important character at a pivotal moment in what is now just a manuscript yearning to be a published novel. But my skin tingles, I clench … Continue reading

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One Place on Earth You May Find a Heaven to Write In…or About

*by Jean Foster Akin* If Heaven exists, and many people hope it does, there will have to be soft white sand underfoot, salty air in the nostrils, the cry of seagulls on the ear, and the sight and sound of … Continue reading

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2 Rules to Keep the Words Flowing

Are there days when you sit and sit and sit at your keyboard with nothing to write? I find there are days when I have nothing to write because there is just too much to write. So I have two … Continue reading

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Writing Prompts and Word Games to Stir the Pot

Here are some ways to stir up a little creativity if you’re going through a dry spell with your writing. 1). If all you’ve been doing is re-writing the same two chapters over and over for the last month, STOP, click “save,” and … Continue reading

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“Writers Write. Always.”

Remember this line? Throw Mama From the Train, 1987.  Larry Donner (played by Billy Crystal), is a professor of creative writing who closes each of his classes with these words: “Remember: writers write.” And his students respond: “Always.” But Larry, an … Continue reading

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