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Author Quote: Taking Writing Advice

“Have humility. Older/more ­experienced/more convincing writers may offer rules and varieties of advice. ­Consider what they say. However, don’t automatically give them charge of your brain, or anything else – they might be bitter, twisted, burned-out, manipulative, or just not … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain: The Magic

  by Jean Foster Akin I did not know Anthony Bourdain personally, obviously, but, like so many of his fans, his death has struck me hard. The first time I saw No Reservations, many years ago now, I was hooked. … Continue reading

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This 1 Thing Will Squelch Your Dreams of Authorship

Maybe when all is said and done, the reason you aren’t published is not the hours a night you spend watching television, the hours you spend clicking “like” on all the foodie pics your friends post on Facebook, the lateness … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Disappointments and Struggles

Jean F. Akin. My newest novel for an adult audience, entitled COLD AS WINTER WOODS, is soon to be published under the name J.F. Akin. It’s a thriller about the victim of a kidnapping, and how she fares when misunderstandings … Continue reading

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Kinda & Sorta: The Indecisive Twins

  by Jean Foster Akin From the mouth of a parenting expert being interviewed on a national television program: “Babies are sort of helpless, so new parents need to be vigilant in anticipating and supplying their children’s needs.” Really? Babies … Continue reading

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Do I Use “Less” or “Fewer”?

by Jean Foster Akin               There is a difference between the words FEWER and LESS that makes interchanging them improper. It makes interchanging them a mistake. It isn’t the worst mistake a person can make, … Continue reading

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AUTHOR QUOTE: Finding Your Voice

If your passions are strong and you’re a fighter, the question of voice is a superficial one. You are eager to speak; you only need the podium. That is, you need the writing technique. But don’t worry about voice. If … Continue reading

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