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The Joy of Writing In The New Year

**by Jean Foster Akin** Did you sit down to write as much as you’d have liked this last year? I know: I haven’t either. I wasted a lot of time. When I felt “stuck” with my writing, or was overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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Christmas, Chanukah, and the Necessity of Dogs

**Jean Foster Akin** SCENE: Christmas week, throughout my childhood. There was always a dog and that dog was always doing something my mother could not tolerate (although she did tolerate it, she just wanted to sound authoritative and in control … Continue reading

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3 Fun Writing Exercises and a Bonus

**from Jean Foster Akin** Here are some fun writing exercises to get those creative writing neurons popping! 1). If you could do something completely daring, what would it be? Parachute from an airplane? Travel deep into the black depths of … Continue reading

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