Multi-Author Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

Yesterday, Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Saratoga Springs organized a book signing for local authors. I was one of those authors, and it was a great day for me for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I met three other authors, two local and one from Texas, who made the event much more enjoyable than it would have been had I been the only author there.

Cheyenne Klimek is a local author. She wrote Belle’s Monster, a tale for children 4 years and up. It tells the story of young Belle who is terrified of the monster under her bed, and what happens when she faces her fears.

Violet Lemay is a writer as well as an illustrator; she was at B&N signing books she’s illustrated, including New York Baby, the Doodle series, and the My Foodie series.  She has a beautiful website that includes a portfolio of all the books she’s helped bring to life with her art work. Violet’s hundreds of editorial clients include Elle, Modern Bride, Seventeen, The  Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, Successful Living, The Washingtonian, Atlanta Magazine, Denver Magazine, Texas Monthly, Body and Soul, More, Gotham, Time Out New York, Readers Digest, Parent and Child, American Baby, Working Mother, etc. Violet has also worked with Penguin, Scholastic, Holt, Harper Collins, and Random House. Check out her website here!

I also met Donna G. Paul, visiting New York from her home in Texas. She is the author of A Song in Every Silence. In this account of her life, she tells her readers how she became pregnant following a date-rape, and how she placed her baby for adoption, never to see him again. After more than thirty years, that boy called her on the phone and said, “Hi Mom. It’s Joel.” An amazing story!

Just being able to connect with other women writers on Saturday was such a treat for me—to “talk shop” with people who love writing as much as I love it was a great encouragement. I used to meet with other women writers: we’d bring our short stories for the others to read and critique. We’d do writing exercises together. We’d spend all night talking about the process. But that was long ago. It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed the company of writers. I can definitely feel a women writers’ coffee-date coming on 🙂

(Beth Austin is the community relations manager for B&N in Saratoga and she made us all feel special! Thanks Beth!)

by Jean Foster Akin

(NOTE: If you see an advertisement/advertising video below, it has been placed here by Word Press, NOT by this author.)
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